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Q.    What If I Prefer a Single Vs. Team of Maids?

Rather you have two or three maids our rates remain the same.  We send a team of

certified maids who work as a team to make sure all the items on the checklist are properly cleaned

throughout your home.  All the work is not placed on one maid who may become tired while

cleaning and scrubbing floors all alone.  Also for security purposes we send a team of certified maids

professionals who have all had their criminal background reports investigated.  We also perform 

random drug screening on Angel Maids.  The team of maids can cover each other as they work

together ensuring that your home or office gets cleaned in a timely manner.    

Q.    What Are Angel Maid Acceptable Methods of Payment?

Credit/Cash/Local Checks/ Debit Cards/ Angel Maid Gift Certificates are acceptable methods of payment.

We accept all major credit cards and debit cards that display a major credit card brand.

Q.    How Should I Prepare for My Maid to Arrive? 

Please review the checklist check points to be cleaned in your home prior to your initial cleaning. 

If you can seem to find exactly what you are looking for we can customize your cleaning to meet your

needs.  Please pre arrange through booking.  To allow your maid more time to focus on big things

you need clean the most have your children put away clothes and toys. 

Q.    Why is My Maid Late?

Angel Maid serves multiple clients per day.  Our maids are trained to finish all commercial or residential

cleaning task before going to the next cleaning project.  This may cause your team of maids to be off

in the scheduled cleaning time up to 30 mins.  We realize that your time is valuable and if your maids

are more than 30mins late or you have to reschedule you will receive a 10% discount from the service



The prices set by the office or online during the free estimate do not include gratuity.  Although many

clients wish to give the maids tips it is never a requirement.  Gratitude by tip is shown when the client

feels necessary.


All maids receive a weekly check issued by Angel Maid Cleaning Company, LLC. We verify all maids and

janitors using e-verify.  All maids are paid more than the state minimum wages as required by state laws.

This ensures that the maids will work hard and take pride with your personal or professional belongings. 


For new clients who are unhappy with their most recent cleaning please email a detailed explanation of 

the nature of your issues to .  Please keep in mind it may take until the second

cleaning to bring your home back to immaculate condition.  We will send a different maid or maids to

re clean your home if it is the second cleaning.

If you are a regular client we will immediately credit a re clean to your home.

All move in move out cleaning will be re cleaned if the items missed are marked on the move out cleaning

checklist.  We do not wipe down walls on any cleaning type due to possible paint smearing 

For a re clean of your home  the complaint must be made within 24 hours of your initial cleaning.

​We do not issue refunds! 


Moving Doesn't Have to Be a Hassle!  Rather an Eviction, LEase Ending, or Home/ Office Sale. All Properties

must be cleaned before new occupants can take possession!

With so much to prepare for let the pros handle the dirty work!  After the plumbing, electrical, painting and

most importantly you have packed your things there comes the dirty work!  We prefer that you do all

this first because the last step to a new occupant is, removal of all personal items and a deep cleaning.

Please note that any re cleans due to other contractors will be incur a fee.

Any unreported construction or re moldeling prior to cleaning may increase your price due to post

construction cleaning.

Lastly any abandoned personnel items in garage, patio, enclosed screened porches, or interior of home

will be discarded.   





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