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Angel Maid

October 2015 Flood Victims of Sumter SC Charity Event for Women and Children 

Est. 2013 Valentines Project

Angel Maid Cleaning Company's, Angel Amor's Project Has been donating Self Esteem Building Gifts to Homeless women in South Carolina and Palm Beach Florida.  We pack Valentines Bags with items that women can use to make themselves feel good. We want women to be confident and hope after receiving some of the basic necessities to keep oneself clean they can build the courage to look for jobs or feel proud and hold their head a little higher while trying to get themselves back together to become a progressive part of society.  Self Esteem means alot and we want to help as many women as we can feel good again!

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As Angel Maid Grows we strive to give back to the local communities that we serve.  We believe in helping women and children . We host a couple of Events yearly and we have a collection of our efforts in the gallery below.  If you would like to help or sponsor one of our charity drives please contact Angel Maid today!  

We Do what we do because someone has to do it!

Although MDA Partners With Lowes One of Our Crew Members Made a Donation on Behalf of Angel Maid While Picking Up Cleaning Supplies 

2016 Valentines Project

In addition to the annual charity drive for homeless women that is made possible by Angel Maid cleaning company, additional gifts were provided by local families who have made efforts to donate to our project!  This is the very first year that we have partnered up with others to make this Valentines Day More Special for the Homeless and or Battered women within the local community.

2015 Angel Maid Sponsored Two Little League Soccer Teams, Below is Our 8U Team and We Will Update with this Years Progress!  #soccer #soccermoms #teamplayers 

ANGEL MAID Loves to Give and That's Why We Have Created The Angel Amor's Project!!